Now is the time!

We are at an awesome point in the history of our church.  We are one year old. God has done great and wonderful things.  He has blessed us beyond our wildest imaginations.  So now is the time to consider what we do as we go forward.

First we need to be constantly watching and praying.  God wants to do something great but the enemy is going to attack on every side.  Please pray that God protect, provide, and guide our church over the next year. Pray that the pastoral leadership know just what God would have us to do to bring Him the utmost honor and glory.  Pray that the messages and the music and everything that we do will be exactly what He wants it to be for His honor and glory.  Pray that new people will come to our church. Pray that people will be getting saved during the visitation times as well as during the services of the church.  Pray that our finances will always be enough to accomplish what God has called us to do.

Get involved more and more everyday.  Let’s start home Bible studies, more Sunday School classes, outreach into our community, etc.  I ask you to find every way that you can be involved in serving God and good works.  Arrive early so you can help get everything set up.  Get involved in the cleaning and maintenance.  No job is too small for a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Invite people more than you ever have before. Take the tracts, business cards, door hangers, brochures or whatever you can get from the church office and get them out to the people.  We have commercials on TV right now, we have used the mail, we have used phone calls but the truth is that the majority of the people who visit Vision do so because you invited them.  If you believe in what God is doing then invite as many as you can to every service.

God is doing and is going to do a great work in our midst.  I am so excited and undeserving of what He is doing in and through Vision Baptist but I am very grateful.  This year He brought us from 0 to over 100 and we want to ask him to more than double that this year.  Will you pray, serve, invite and work to glorify God by getting more people under the sound of the gospel?

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