Great News from Argentina

I hope you will be praying for Jeff Bush and the need in Argentina.  Here is the latest letter that he sent out:

Yesterday we took up the “Sacrificial Love Offering” that the church had been praying about through the month of January and February.  The offering surpassed much more than we could have imagined – the total was $4,984.53.  Amen!!!  There were a couple more families that said that they will be giving their gift next week.  Besides this offering, the church takes up a special offering every Sunday morning and night for the new property and construction of the church building.
Praise the Lord for what God is doing and we encourage you to please help us in this need also.  We were amazed and felt extremely blessed how the Lord is working in the hearts of our people here.  We know that many do not make a lot of money and yet they are definitely sacrificing for something that they love.   Would you please pray and consider helping with the $68,000 we need for the new church property here in Argentina?  If you would like to help or are planning to help, please email us at and let us know!

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