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Well the Whites and the Montenegros are doing a great job here in Cochabamba.  I am very impressed by what I see God doing.  Last night we had 87 I believe and again there were several professions of faith.  The place was packed out and people were sitting outside.  I am hoping to get you some pictures when someone around here gets some to me.

Beth is an excellent hostess.  I have been very impressed by the way she has cared so well for so many.  As far as I am concerned my wife, Betty, is the greatest but Beth is trying to give her a run for her money.  Thank you Beth for all the kindnesses you have shown to all of us that are here visiting.

My mother came through the surgery alright and I thank all of you that have called or written and those that have visited her and tried to be a blessing.  I especially thank Emily Crabb for being so kind to take care of my sister, Felecia.  Betty has also been a real trooper like she always is.

I can’t wait to get back home and see all that God is going to do on this special Sunday.  The team is hard at work making this a very special day.  I hope you will be there early and ready to see all that God is going to do.  The wedding renewal service is going to be great.  Well I love you and just wanted to keep you updated and so look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening

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