News from Bolivia

We are here in Cochabambala, Bolivia with missionaries Kevin and Beth White. God is really using them in a great way and I was very impressed last night at the youth meeting. There were probably 45 young people there and Jorge Montenegro and Kevin did a wonderful job leading the meeting. I was allowed to preach and several people did make professions of faith.

It is a tremendous blessing to be able to see Chris and several of the Peruvian brethren that have come over for the meeting here in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I want to ask you to pray for this ministry.

I want all of you from Vision to know that I love you and will be missing you today and have already been missing you since I arrived here. I have thought of you and prayed for you many times. I know that God is going to use Brother Tony Howeth today and you will be blessed with one of the greatest preachers in the world.

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