Missionary Jeff Bush needs a miracle!

 The following note came from Jeff Bush this week:

This week we will be meeting with a contractor and he is helping us to get permits so we can begin to build as soon as possible.  Our church people are getting involved also.  This past Saturday the ladies of the church had a garage sale with things that the church people had donated and they raised $140.  They are trying to do all they can to raise money for the new church building.   Please consider taking a part in this great opportunity of paying off the land and building where God is going to do a work for His name and His glory!

In total they need to raise nearly $100,000 and only have a year to do so.  Will you please pray for them and their great ministry.  Anyone reading this should pray about what you might could do to help them.  This is from an early note and is found on his web page:

Praise the Lord for His blessings! The first week of January the Lord led us to a piece of property for the Lighthouse Baptist Church. We had been looking and praying throughout 2006 as to where the Lord would lead us and the Lord opened up this great opportunity. The property is only yards away from one of the main highways on the side where the city is growing. It is 1100 square meters (11,840 square feet) — plenty of room to grow! Very soon we will begin preparing the land, getting building permits and the many other things that need to be done. The owner is asking $85,000 and is allowing us 1 year to pay it off. The church people are giving a special offering weekly and so far have given over $2000. The end of February each family in the church will be giving a sacrificial offering. They are so excited about the land and the new church building. This has been our dream for a very long time and we are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do. So far $16,000 has been given and alreadly others have said they will be helping. We ask that you consider having a part in this ministry. If you would like to help with this need please email me or send the gift to:

Macedonia World Baptist Missions Jeff Bush Building Fund
PO Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

Click here to go see more pictures of the land and learn more about the Bush family ministry http://reachingall.com/html/property_pictures.html

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