God’s blessing in South Africa

It is so wonderful to see what God is doing in South Africa with Kevin and Corli Hall.  They have been studying the Kosa language and God has allowed them to have their first service in the language. As far as we know this is the very first service in the Kosa language led by an independent Baptist missionary.

Pray that God will build a great man to carry His word in and through the life of this young man.

Let your eyes feast on the greatness and goodness of our God in the lives of Kevin and Corli!

They are in the process of purchasing land for this church.  It will take a while but they will soon have their own building and be having all the services for this community.

I praise the great God of Heaven for how He has opened the door for the gospel to be preached to this people.  I know that you rejoice with me in the goodness of God

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