Happy Valentines Day to my dear wife!

A little over 34 years ago I met the dearest, sweetest girl I could have ever imagined.  We were 18 years old!  I told her of my dreams.  I was a skinny 145 pounds, 6′ 1″ college boy! I dreamed of being used of God to take the gospel to the other side of the world.  She believed me and believed in me!  We were married on August 18, 1973 in Rome, Georgia.  She has been my best friend, my help meet, my colaborer, my wife, and the mother of our 4 wonderful children. 

When I felt God call us to Peru it was very hard for her but she believed God and believed in me and away we went for the next 20 years of our life.  When I told her that God wanted us to return to the United States and start Vision Baptist Church it again was very hard for her, she had lived 20 years as a missionary, and 18 in Peru.  She loved Peru and missionary work but again she believed God and believed in me and here we are!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell Betty, my sweet Valentine, that I love her and thank God for her. I hope you know what you have in a Pastor’s wife.  I don’t think much of your pastor but I really think you have the best Pastor’s wife in the world.

Betty, I love you and thank God for you!  Thank you for being my wife, friend, and help meet!  I hope you have had a good Valentines Day.

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