Urgent Prayer Request

This is one of those prayer requests that has to be kept some what secret, kind of like those unspoken prayer requests you have heard about before.  We received an email from one of our missionaries who is working in an undisclosed location and has to be quiet secretative a letter about his daugther.  She is very young.  I will be glad to tell you in person at the church who we are talking about but they do not want it mentioned on the web.  They are in a closed Muslim country.  Here is the letter with a few details removed.  Please pray and get others to pray,

J****** is in the hospital. We took her in around midnight last night. She is on an IV, they are running tests and she has been sleeping for around 12 hours. We expect that she will just need time to recuperate. Don’t know how long so please continue to pray. Sometimes kids can be in the hospital for up to a week. Hopefully not.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Ya’ll are an awesome group of men.

This comes on the tail end of us praying for the baby son of Jason and Lori Holt so it is obvious that Satan is attacking our missionaries.  Will you please be in prayer for this couple.  I believe that many of you know who I am talking about simply because our church is so close and really does care about each other and our missionaries.

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