I just want to praise the Lord!

I am so excited to have the privilege to serve God with wonderful people like you.  Today was another one of those days that you just want to praise God for His goodness.  We had 100 in Sunday School and 125 in the AM service.  The morning offering was over $8,000.  Though this seems to be the largest offering each month it is exciting to see how God increases it each month.

 I marvel at many things about our church but one of the things that I am so thankful for is the diversity in culture and nationalities that we have.  Today as I preached I looked into the most wonderful faces and from many parts of the world.  As Mark Coffey and I made a few visits yesterday I had the privilege of hearing a dear lady say how much she liked our church due to the fact that we have so many different cultures and no one is looked at as strange!  Thank you for that!

Thank you for making everyone feel welcome.  Thank you for being kind and open.  Thank you for the great privilege of being your pastor.

Today was also the 29th anniversary of our sending church as missionaries.  Whitfield Baptist Church turned 29 years old today.  Our church sent them a floral arrangement for the Lord’s supper table to tell them that we appreciate them and all they did to get Vision started.  Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you tonight for the Blessing service for Tyler and Gretchen Masters.

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