For the Children!

I am excited everytime I am allowed to preach the Word of God and I do not often say this but I want to challenge each of you that are raising children and maybe weren’t able to be in the service tonight, Thursday, February 1, 2007 to get a copy of this message.  You will be able to download it from the church website or you can get a copy of the CD at the church.  We must pass our faith to our children.  Judges 1-3 has a lot of truths that can be applied to your family.  Please get the message and make sure that you learn the lessons that caused much failure and heart ache for the nation of Israel.

Also do not miss the service this Sunday.  We will be learning to “Raise Strong Successful Children.”  God has been so good to us by allowing us to be parents.  I know of no greater privilege.  I want to see God bless you and your children.  We need what the Word of God says.  See you Sunday and get there early enough to be there for Sunday School.

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