What value does the Bible have, to you?

A Puritan evangelist, John Rogers, warned his congregation against neglecting Scripture by telling them what God might say: I have trusted you so long with my Bible – it lies in some houses all covered with dust and cobwebs, you care not to listen to it. Do you use my Bible that way? Well, you shall have my Bible no longer“. Rogers then picked up his Bible and started walking away from the pulpit. Then he stopped, fell on his knees, and took on the voice of the people, who pleaded, Lord, whatever Thou dost to us, take not Thy Bible from us; kill our children, burn our houses, destroy our goods; only spare us Thy Bible, take not away Thy Bible“. “Say you so? the minister replied, impersonating what God might say:Well, I will try you a while longer; and here is my Bible for you. I will see how you use it, whether you will search it more, love it more, observe it more, and live more according to it“.

This comes from a blog that I would like to ask you to read by clicking here: Old Truth.

Be sure and watch the video too.  It is something that you do not want to miss.  Do you love the Word of God?

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