Wanted more laborers!

The following came from one of our missionary friends who is serving God in a place where he needs to be incognito so I have changed things so that only those who know him well will know who they are.  Please pray for them.  If you do not know who it is please see me at church,  Vision Baptist, and let me tell you who it is so you can pray more intelligently.

We are in an apartment and all set up in *********! Praise God in the name of Jesus Christ who makes us to always triumph. Thanks for your prayers and concern for us. Especially Vision and Wadsworth who have given so sacrifically. 

I am adding some thoughts I wrote down last night just to let you know our burden and thankfulness to God to be serving Him:

I finished moving all the beds around and helping my wife set up the house this evening around 7:30 when I heard a distant song from the kitchen door. I stepped out on the balcony for a split second and caught the distinctly ********* voice singing “Allah-hu akhbar” over and over from the East. The people on the streets below me kept moving as they were before he started. I am now surrounded by 1.5 million Muslims. When we started in Clarkston we wanted to be around them more. We felt as if we had found a “gold mine of souls”. No lack of that now. I feel beating in my chest a burden for these people all over the world. >From the Kurds to the Indonesians to the Turks to the Arabs the Lord is begging for laborers to build a rescue mission within a yard of hell. I can’t tell how many times I have thought of that heartbeat of General Boothe (actually C. T. Studd) when he said, “Some would live within the sound of church and steeple bell but I’ll build a rescue mission within a yard of hell.” My dad, my father-in-law, countless old men and women, and some young ones too have been warning me over and over about the danger. They act as if the gates of hell are pleasent places full of loving people. An Iraqi started yelling about Bush when I told him I was American. He tried to convence the people from this country in the Telephone office that we were after their country next. What do you expect this close to hell. Fortunately the people weren’t buying it. More laborers wanted. But not the sissy comfortable kind.


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