End of January report!

Well we have finished the month of January and I thought you might like to praise God for all that He is doing.  That might be hard because you do not always know what God has done in and through us. 

Over the last year we have given over $120,000 to missions.  That ought to be enough to make you shout. God has tremendously blessed our church and I thank you for how faithful you are in your giving both to our church and its local ministries as well as to Faith Promise Missions.  I know that God is using you in a major way and I am very proud to be able to be the pastor of a church so committed to world evangelism.

Also we have been blessed in our attendance.  Here is a very exciting report. We ended the month of January with the following averages in attendance in each of our services:  Sunday School average was 84.25, in the AM service we averaged 117.25, in the PM service we averaged 70.25 and on Thursday nights we have averaged 79.75.  That is not too bad when you consider that our Celebration Sunday was March 12th and that we were having our preliminary meetings in the last of December and then January of this past year.  God has been very gracious to us.

 I have been keeping very accurate records for the last eight months and it might interest you to know what we have averaged over 8 months:  Sunday School average has been just over 57, the AM service has been nearly 91, the PM service has been just over 57 and the Thursday evening service averaged nearly 60.  God has truly been very good to us as I am sure that you will agree.

We have baptized 12 people which is great but not great enough. I want to ask you to pray that God would allow us to see many more people saved and people making decisions for salvation in each of our services.  I ask you to ask God to allow us to see the altars of our church full of people every service getting saved and making God honoring decisions.  As of this week we have had 51 people become members of our church.  Praise the Lord with me for His goodness over our church and ministry.

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