Please pray for Andrew Holt

Andrew Holt is the son of Jason and Lori Holt, our missionaries to Chile.  Andrew is just a few weeks old.  The Holt family has really had a battle of it, dealing with sickness in the whole family, the purchase of the land, a youth camp and the hardest of all little Andrew has been in the hospital.  We got the following email as the latest update and I want to ask you to please be praying:

We found out today that Andrew does have a viral infection – which means that he does not need antibiotics and that the risk are much lower. But, the doctors are still waiting for the results of the bacterial infection cultures. If he has a bacterial infection too, then things get more serious. Either way, he will probably be in the hospital 4-5 more days. He has been running a fever of 100-102 for the last 48 hours.

Be praying. We should know more about the test results on Thursday.

Thanks for your prayers


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