World Evangelism Committee

Go ahead and mark your calendar and make plans now to be with us this Sunday, January 28th, from 1:30 until 4:30 for a meeting and training session of the World Evangelism Committee.  Everyone is welcome to attend if you are a member or not.  We are still in the process of training and preparing for the great work that God has for us to do.

After church we will each get something to eat and then get started.  We will be covering things that you will enjoy learning that will help you to be able to do your part to get the gospel to the world.  God’s plan is that the local church be the sending agency for missionaries.  We should know what is going on so that we can pray for the world and so that we can help our missionaries in the ministry that God has called them to do. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in the most important ministry that our church has.


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