Urgent Need from Chile–Missionary Jason Holt

In Santiago, Chile, Missionary Jason Holt has an exciting opportunity that presents an extreme challenge.  This week, he has signed a contract to purchase the ideal piece of land for the ministry.  It is only 100 yards from their current rented church building, but they have very little time to raise the money for the purchase.


This October, Faith Baptist Church celebrated its first anniversary; and what a year it was!!  Scores of people have accepted Christ and dozens have been baptized.  Now the church is averaging over 80 people on Sundays, and many of those have completed discipleship and preparing to take more leadership positions.  Their current facility has been renovated three times to allow for growth, and they are busting at the seams!!  It’s summertime in Chile; and the heat, poor building ventilation, and lack of space is now affecting their ability to grow.

The total cost of the land is $108,000.00 US, which is an exceptional price. This property is on the corner of two main avenues and its close proximity will make transition easy for the congregation.  Almost everyone walks to church.The owners have agreed to a two-payment plan.  The first payment of $66,000.00 is due by the 31st of January 2007.  The second payment of $42,000.00 is due on the 31st of March 2008.Over $33,000.00 has already been promised for the purchase of the property. There are only 42 days left to raise the remaining $33,000.00 for the first payment.Yes, this is a considerable amount of money, and they have very little time left to raise it.  But if God’s people will work together to be a part of this amazing ministry opportunity, I know we will continue to see great things happen through the Holt’s ministry in Chile.  Will you please pray about what God would have you give for this project?  No gift is too small!The Chilean church people are doing all they can do to take on this burden. They have started a building fund called “Project Nehemiah”, and their goal is to raise two thousand dollars by the end of January.  They currently have over $1,100 saved for the purchase.

The church continues to grow!  This past weekend, during a special evangelistic service, 11 people were saved and 109 people attended the church.  We are thrilled at how the ministry is growing, and we know that God has great things in store. 


Remember, there is very limited time to raise the remaining $33,000.  Pray about what God would have you to give today!


Send all donations and offerings to:

Macedonia World Baptist Missions

C/o Holt Building Fund


PO Box 519


Braselton, GA 30517


Also, due to time restrictions, please notify the Holts via email at holt@biblicalmissions.com if you are sending an offering.  This will encourage them and help them rejoice in God’s provisions.


If you would like more information please visit their blog at www.jasonholt.wordpress.com.  



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