My letter to Time magazine

I have written the following note to Time magazine and sent it to them as is mentioned in the previous post.  I challenge you to consider doing the same.  We need to stand for right and truth and morality.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for publishing the truth about parenting. Children are best raised by committed married parents made up of a father and mother. The issue of gender confusion is a great problem in our society brought on by the moral failure in many of homes. We have seen the damage caused by children being raised in broken homes. The fact that many heterosexual parents have had problems and have not been good parents does not give us the right or the logic to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Nature itself tells us that children need a parent of each gender. If same sex parents were meant to have children and raise them then it seems that nature would have given them the ability to procreate. I simply thank you for at least allowing someone to present the other side of an argument where usually 80% of the rhetoric is really the opinion of only 3% of the population at any rate. Thank you

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