Ladies Peru Trip

It is our last day here in Peru. Yesterday some of us were able to pass out tracts and it is amazing how the Peruvians were litterally begging for them It took a total of ten minutes to hand out hundreds of tracts. It just shows that they know there is something more out there for them, They just don’t know who he is. Last night we had the privledge of visiting Filedelphia Baptist Church and were able to see the work that was done by the BCWE earlier this year. The church has really grown. They now have very nice bathrooms, a conrete floor, stairs that go to the top floor for children’s church and even a baptistry installed under the pullpit. Percy Lopez was very excited to show the church and everything God has provided for them. After that, we visited Brother Ronald’s church, Victory Baptist. Everyone there was so friendly and missed Brother Ronald so. At least 15 people asked Amy Coffee if they could send something back for him.

Please pray for Amy and Natasha as they will remain in Peru until Sunday. As much as we have grown to love it here, we will be glad to be back in the States and share what we have seen and experienced with others.  

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  1. I am so very proud of you ladies and can’t wait for you to give testimonies of what God has done in your lives. We will have something from all of you on Thursday at the Christmas banquet since this Sunday night is China night. I know that God used you and I am grateful that He would allow me to pastor such wonderful people as you.

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