Happy 30th Birthday to Andria Gardner!

Andria Gardner is a missionary sent out by our church.  She turned 30 years old today.  She is a wonderful wife and mother and also a great missionary.  Here is a picture of Chris and Andria shortly after their marriage.  They are now parents of 3 wonderful children.  I am sure that you know that Andria also sings.  I hope you will check out their web page at http://www.uttermost.net/.  

This is a young missionary couple serving God in Peru.  Andria arrived in Peru and immediately dove into learning Spanish and becoming a great missionary wife.  They waited several years before God gave them children but then in just a little over 2 years they went from no children to 3.

This beautiful young lady, our daughter in law, is a great mother and wife and you will love meeting her.  She will be singing at the Summit.  She will be singing at Vision Baptist also.  We look forward to your being able to meet and know them.  Happy Birthday, Andria!

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