Qualifications to be a missionary sent out of Vision Baptist Church!

As of today this is what we plan to ask of any that would be a missionary sent out of our church.  I would love to have your opinions and questions.  God bless you as you become a great missionary church.  Feel free to write me at gardner@visionbc.org.  

1.         Clear profession and evidence of God’s saving work; spiritual maturity; consistent Christian lifestyle; evidence of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23); continue spiritual growth; modeling the life of Christ (servant spirit, sacrificial spirit, industrious spirit, team spirit, tolerant spirit, prayerful spirit).

2.         Member of Vision Baptist Church and actively involved in the ministry of Vision Baptist Church for a minimum of two years.

3.         Adequate education and training to carry out the proposed ministry. This includes Bible training and cross-cultural preparation and whatever professional training that may be required.

4.         Background of proven ministry experience (including active involvement in evangelism and discipleship and ideally to include an overseas short-term experience and/or cross-cultural experience in the U.S.).

5.         Proposed missionary activity is in line with Vision Baptist Church’s mission’s strategy and emphases.

6.         Completion of Vision Baptist Church’s Nurture Program for Missionary Candidates.

7.         Desires to maintain strong relationship with Vision Baptist Church members and leadership, and will abide by any guidelines for correspondence and periodic review of ministry.

8.         Reflects character qualities of I Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9.

9.         Acceptance by a Vision Baptist Church approved mission agency.

10.       Physically, emotionally and mentally fit. Successful completion of any psychological testing which Vision Baptist Church and/or approved mission agency requires.

11.       Strength of marriage and family relationships/acceptance of singleness.


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