Ladies Peru Trip

Yesterday, we met a young lady named Marisole. She is a nurse here in Arequipa but her dream, she told us, is to one day have medical clinics all over the outskirts of Arequipa. That is where our journey took us yesterday.

About 45 minutes to the middle of nowhere, all that you can see is dirt and stone houses no bigger than most of our bathrooms. That is where the poorest of the Peruvians here in Arequipa live. Some of them may never have enough money to go into town for medical assistance or to hear about Christ. It is sure they have never seen someone with white skin! We could tell they were trying not to stare.

 This is where God has sent a young man named Americano. Without hesitation he has decided to come and build a church. He is only 20, has no wife to cook for him and he lives in the church’s nursery which is about a 8×6 concrete room. There are two amoung us who can tell you ( unnamed) all there is for a bathroom is a hole in the ground. There are about 30 who attend including 12-15 children. Americano said that he was grateful for the concrete flooring they had in the back of the church, because that is where the children sit and they don’t get as dirty, which in turn gives them a longer attention span!! Unbelievable.  I was ashamed of myself for ever having longed for something that wasn’t quite what I wanted. Americano could live better than this in Arequipa, but he has dedicated his life to these people and the hope that, one day, they will accept Christ.

As we were leaving, Amy Coffee gave him 20 soles (approx. $7.00) becasue Americano had said one day he had a hope of buying some flowers to put amoung the stone walls of the children’s church. When he saw how much she had given him, he begged to be able to give her change back, because he didn’t think the flowers were going to cost that much. With tears in his eyes, he accepted it.

We saw about 25 at the medical clinic, only those who could walk the distance could come, One little girl touched my heart personally. Me – lan – ie. when I turned and saw her face smiling back at me and with the biggest smile she said “Ola” , at that moment she grabbed a piece of all of our hearts. To think that she is so happy, and the chances of her ever getting out of that town are small, at first made us all very sad, but than we realized, God had sent Americano there for her and all those like her who are just like us, the only diffence is we had the privledge of being born in America where there is a church on every corner.

There are so many towns like this here, it almost seems impossible to reach them all, but than I remember:

Mark 10:27  “.. With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”                        It is sad to know that we have the chance every day to hear the Word but those here, like Melanie, may never get the chance.

We are trying to get pictures on the web site soon.

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