Darwinism Discredited By Real Scientists

“All major scientists support evolution.” This is the Darwinist’s response of choice to anyone who dares question the notion that matter, time, and chance – not God – have brought all things into existence. Darwinists assert there is neither scientific support nor intellectual basis for the Biblical account of creation. That Darwin diehards continue to promulgate this deception characterizes the dishonesty of their entire debate. Scott M. Huse exposes this and other evolutionary fallacies in his fine book, The Collapse of Evolution, in which he presents scientific evidence for biblical creationism and shows why the theory of evolution and the scriptures are irreconcilable. Written in plain language, documented with 39 pages of endnotes, appendices, and bibliography, the book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking the truth – including Christians. Too many Christians, when confronted with the argument that real scientists support Darwin’s conclusions, throw in the towel for lack of knowledge. Huse’s list of pioneering, Bible-believing scientists comes to their aid. It’s comprehensive, historically reliable, and demands wide distribution.

    Joseph Lister, Antiseptic Surgery
    Louis Pasteur, Bacteriology
    Sir Isaac Newton, Dynamics (discovered the laws of gravity, mathematics, co-discovered calculus)
    Johann Kepler, Celestial Mechanics, Physical Astronomy
    Robert Boyle, Chemistry
    Georges Cuvier, Comparative Anatomy, Vertebrate Palentology
    Charles Babbage, Computer Science
    James Clerk Maxwell, Electrodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics
    Michael Faraday, Electromagnetics, Field Theory
    Ambrose Fleming, Electronics
    Lord William Kelvin, Energetics, Thermodynamics
    Henri Fabre, Entomology
    George Stokes, Fluid Mechanics
    William Herschel, Galactic Astronomy
    Robert Boyle, Gas Dynamics
    Gregor Mendel, Genetics
    Louis Agassiz, Glacial Geology, Ichthyology
    James Simpson, Gynecology
    Leonardo da Vinci, Hydraulics
    Blaise Pascal, Hydrostatics
    William Ramsay, Isotopic Chemistry
    Matthew Maury, Oceanography
    David Brewster, Optical Mineralogy
    John Woodward, Paleontology
    Rudolph Virchow, Pathology
    James Joule, Reversible Thermodynamics
    Sir Francis Bacon, Scientific Method
    Nicholas Steno, Stratigraphy
    Carolus Linnaeus, Systematic Biology
    Humphrey Davy, Thermokinetics
    These masters are not scientists Darwinists can dismiss. Many were contemporaries of Charles Darwin, their contributions made during Darwin’s lifetime or later. As for modern scientists, Huse points out that today there are literally thousands of highly reputable scientists representing every scientific discipline who completely dismiss the concept of organic evolution in favor of biblical creationism.

Listing 100 creation-science organizations operating worldwide, 71 of which are in the United States, Huse provides impressive examples of scientists who have outspokenly rejected evolution, including John Grebe, director of basic and nuclear research for Dow Chemical Company, who offered $1,000 to anyone who could produce just one clear proof of evolution. Holder of over 100 patents, Dr. Grebe developed Styrofoam, synthetic rubber, and Saran Wrap.

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