Graduation Class of 2006 named for John Pearson

Each year the classes of the Bible College following Peruvian custom name their class promotion.  This year the class called itself “John Pearson, Class of 2006”.  I think that is a fitting name and honor for someone who has done so much to help the Peruvian Bible College. 

John entered the graduation and was presented with gifts and kind words to honor him.  A large banner had a picture of the Bible College with the name of the graduating class which of course had his name on it.

John spoke again in Spanish without the help of an interpreter for about 10 minutes.  The way that he has learned Spanish is an inspiration to anyone that wants to learn another language. Living in the US. Working long hours at work and in his church John was able to learn Spanish on the side and speaks very well.  I hope that will inspire every missionary to really put forth the effort to learn to speak the language of the people where God sends them.

I was very proud last night as we had nearly 10 members of our church present for the graduation.  Though our church is small the members really have a heart for world evangelism. My goal is to see at least 50% of the church on the mission field at least once every 2 years.  So far we are on track to do just that.  We do not want to just talk about having a mission’s heart we want it to be our lifestyle.

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