Apparent persecution by Muslims to radio preacher!

I received the following news via one of our missionaries as to one of the most horrific events you have heard of in the United States of America.  Ralph Davis was working at a Christian Radio station in Springfield, Georgia on Tuesday, December 4, 2006, when according to reports from Mr. Davis three men came into the station.  They duct taped him to the chair and then proceeded to beat him with a hammer for the next two hours.  They poured lye into his eyes and crushed all the bones in his hands and beating him on the head with the hammer.  They slit his throat with a razor blade and left him for dead.  Some how he was able to get loose and go for help.  It appears that he wil be losing at least one of his fingers.  He has had a brain MRI and everything came back OK but he will need a lot of time to heal.  Mr. Davis says that they keep asking him, “Where is your God Now“  He said that he thought that they were Muslims. 

I want to ask you to be in prayer for this man and his family.  Pray that God will give people the right heart attitude to reach out and win people to Christ that are hurting so bad and so filled with hate like the men who would do such a thing.

The following notes are from different sources on the internet and I will put the link there to where I got them.  Remember to pray and prepare to take the gospel to the entire world.

The following can be found at the Effingham Herald.

Radio station owner beaten

Two suspects are still at large after two-hour Monday attack

By Sandi Van Orden

Authorities are still looking for two men who allegedly beat a radio station owner Monday in Springfield.

Two men reportedly attacked Ralph Davis on Monday at WSGV-FM in Springfield. The attack happened during the day and lasted approximately two hours.

Steve Bashlor, of Bashlor Automotive, said the men came from behind Davis and hit him on the head. Bashlor said the men threw something in Davis’ eyes.

Davis shares space in the building that also houses Bashlor’s Automotive.

The men left and came back before leaving again. They were wearing masks while in the radio station.

Bashlor said there were three to four people who saw the men using keys to get into the radio station.

Bashlor said when the men left a second time, Davis freed himself from the telephone cord used to tie him up and went to Bashlor Automotive to have them call the police.

“We were here all day and didn’t hear a thing,” Bashlor said.

Bashlor said Davis’ head and hands were bloody from being beaten with a hard object, and the fingernails on one of his hands were hanging off.

The police report concerning the attack has not yet been released. Springfield Police Chief Paul Wynn was unavailable.

The following comes from WTOC channel 11 in Savannah 

Springfield Pastor Beaten and Tortured

When Bashlor’s Automotive owners Steve and Pam Bashlor of Springfield offered Pastor Ralph Davis the office space to open up his radio station ten years ago, Steve said they never envisioned they’d see this day.

“When a pastor’s not safe in his radio station, it’s sort of sad,” said Bashlor.

Around lunchtime Monday, Pam said she was tending to a customer when someone walked in on her.  That someone was Ralph Davis, saying he had been tortured and beaten up and asking her for help.

“I immediately grabbed the phone, called 911 and he came closer and I could see he was just covered in blood from his head all down his shirt,” said Bashlor.

Pam said she did her best to settle Ralph down. He told her that two men tied him down, put a bag over his face, and smashed his hands with a hammer.

“His hands were red, swollen,” said Bashlor.

What makes this whole ordeal even more frustrating for Pam? She said even though she’s right next door to Ralph’s station she heard nothing.

“It was just upsetting to know that he was in that situation for two hours, we didn’t know,” said Bashlor.

Ralph Davis was taken to Memorial Health for treatment. Springfield police, who are working this case, believe the men may have been looking to rob the place.

They along with the Effingham County’s Sheriff’s Department are asking if anyone has any information about this brutal case to call the Springfield Police Department at 912.754.3060.

Reported by: David Hall,

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