John Pearson and Businessmen Committed to World Evangelism

I want to congratulate John Pearson on a great accomplishment today.  He spoke to the BCWE group here in Arequipa in Spanish for nearly one hour.  He was able to communicate his ideas and his lesson with very little help and surprisingly few mistakes.  There were about 60 people or more present for a banquet meal in a local restaurant.  He answered their questions and set the stage for 4 businessmen who are here with us visiting to say a few words and to introduce themselves.  We have had a wonderful time with all of them.

Also 3 ladies from our church have arrived to do some medical work here in Arequipa. I am very proud that so many of our people are on the mission field this week.  We want to do much more than talk about world evangelism.  We want our people to get their hands dirty as we reach out to touch a hurting world with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

I will try to get some pictures that we can put here to let you see what God is doing.  Thank you for your prayers

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