Pray that God will provide funds to purchase land for this church!

There is so much going on around the world right now.  The financial needs are enormous. Our church is currently giving nearly $10,000 a month to send the gospel around the world.  Businessmen Committed to World Evangelism are carrying a load for the world that is more than you could ever imagine.  Right now David Lundy is making plans for a trip to Burkina Faso to help Missionary Keith Shumaker build a church building.  He and several men from BCWE made a trip to Peru last year to put a roof on a building for Pastor Percy Lopez.

John Pearson, founder of BCWE, is taking a trip to Peru this week with several businessmen.  He has done more to build churches, the Bible College, and get the gospel around the world than I could ever explain.  I thank God for being part of a church that has such a desire to help others.

Right now we are praying with Jason Holt, missionary in Chile, and Jeff Bush, missionary in Argentina, as well as Keith Shumaker, missionary in Burkina Faso.  This is very exciting.  I thank you for your praying and giving.  I challenge each of you to make plans to get involved in some of these projects.

We have to take care of things at home as we seek land for ourselves but I know that God will bless as we give to others also.  I thank you for being givers and making it possible for your church staff to have salaries and meet their expenses.  I thank you for giving to meet the needs of the local as well as the foreign ministry.

I hope you will become part of the World Evangelism Committee which is the central ministry of leadership in our church.  I hope you will find where you can fit in to do a work that will make a difference in people’s lives all over the world.

Below you will see pictures that Pastor Miguel Murillo sent me.  He took over the first church that I pastored in Peru.  He is doing a tremendous job. He is pastoring a second church that they have started after I left the church.  These are pictures of that church as they meet in a rented building.  I know that right now we are unable to give to this project but we can pray. They will need about $50,000 to purchase their land.

Below each picture I will give you just a small amount of information.  Then at the end of this post I will give you an update on what Betty and I will be doing this week. 

Look at this beautiful group of people.  They love God and meet each week to study the Word of God.  They are in a middle class section of town which means that land will be even more expensive for them.  They are unable to get loans which also make it difficult to purchase their own property. But when the Lord raises up the money for their land and building they will better it and pay all of the expenses.


This is the new church, Smyrna Baptist Church, that Miguel Murillo and the Hunter church have started.  They average about 125 or more each Sunday.  Miguel teaches and preaches here before hurrying to Hunter to have services there.  This will be one of the goals of our church, to start other churches around Atlanta and the US that believe and practice what the Vision Baptist Church is doing. God desires to have a world changing church in every community.

As you can see they are meeting inside the walls of the church but in the patio or what would be for us their front yard.  The sun is obvious hot on them and rainy weather is on the way.  They must have a way to get a roof over their head.  This is a rented building and they are paying their own rent.  Miguel is a great man of God and a wonderful preacher.  Pray that God will raise up someone to help them get land for their church.

Tomorrow morning, Monday, Betty and I will leave for Peru.  We arrive on Tuesday morning in Arequipa after 4 flights.  I will be making posts fairly regularly so that you can keep up with what God is doing with us on this trip.  I hope that as you read this you will decide to be part of some of the trips that we make each year.  You need to visit and see the mission field.

As you pray for other churches to get land and buildings do not forget to pray that God will provide for your own church.  We need a miracle.  We need God to do a work so that we can have the money to purchase land for our church.  I hope you are praying and giving too.

Today God gave us 84 in Sunday School and 100 for church.  Plus a young couple spoke to me after church about getting baptized and joining the church.  God is doing great and wonderful things in our church and I certainly praise Him.  If you haven’t joined yet but are interested please speak to one of the pastoral team and we will be glad to help you.  We want you to join with us to see God glorified all over the world.

Don’t forget to pray for us this week as we travell.  Tony Howeth will be preaching this next Sunday and he will do a wonderful job just like he has everytime, so don’t you miss.

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