Lucy’s Child looks like an Extinct Ape after all!

This is the skull that was found and named Lucy’s Child.

This is what they reconstruct her to look like.


This is a supposed picture of our ancestors!

Every time you turn around they want to show you the missing link and some how avoid the fact that there is a creator God who made mand.  If you can get rid of the creation then you can dismiss a Creator God.  If you can get rid of a creator God then you can relax about there being a God that judges His creation.  Biblically we know that we were created, there is a God, and we will be judged by Him some day. Do not let Satan fool you into thinking that you are simply the product of evolution. There is a God.  There is a Heaven and a Hell.  We will be judged by Him soon.  Be sure that you know that you have repented of your sins and placed your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

The following article helps you know about false science’s latest discovery.  They did find the bones but what they would like to communicate about those bones is not true.

According to the news reports,4 most of the characteristics have more similarity to chimpanzees and gorillas than to man including:

  • The hyoid bone is exactly like that of a chimpanzee. The vocalization that the creature would be capable of would be like a chimpanzee’s.
  • The organ of balance is chimp-like and not human-like. The excellent preservation of the material makes this conclusion reliable.
  • The neck vertebra are short and thick like a gorilla. A slender neck as humans have helps to keep the head stable while running.
  • The fingers are long and curved like a chimpanzee’s. These facilitate climbing ability. While this has been seen in other australopithecine specimens, the relevance is still a matter of debate.
  • The shoulder blades are the same as a gorilla’s and not at all like a human’s.
  • The cranial capacity falls in the range of a chimpanzee’s.

Thus, in essentially every way, the evidence shows a stronger affinity to the great apes than to man. While there are still some distinct characteristics of australopithecines that distinguish them from modern apes, they are most likely just an extinct ape type.

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