AIDS Will Kill Half of South Africa’s Teens Before They Reach Age 60

This has to break your heart.  There is very little gospel being preached in South Africa.  Sin is wrecking havoc in the lives of men and women.  As a church we must be concerned about taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to these people.  He desires to be preached there.  We currently support Kevin and Corli Hall who are missionaries serving in South Africa, assisting the program “STD testing and you“.  They not only need help with AIDS but more so need to know the forgiveness of their sins and the new life that can be found only in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Will you read this article and let it break your heart. Will you decide now to do your job in our church.  We must be praying, giving, going, and training leaders that can go to South Africa as well as every other country where the name of Jesus Christ is not known.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa:  Fewer than half of South Africa’s 15-year-olds will live to see their 60th birthday because of HIV/ AIDS, according to a new report.

An estimated 950 people died per day during 2006 from AIDS-related diseases and a further 1,400 were infected each day — a total of 530,000 new infections, said the report by the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Medical Research Council.

The report, issued every two years and widely used as a model for predicting the course of the disease and its impact, included an estimate that 5.4 million of South Africa’s 48 million people were infected with the AIDS virus by the middle of 2006 — a figure in line with the government’s own estimates issued earlier this year.

Only India is believed to have more people infected with HIV than South Africa.

The report said life expectancy dropped from 63 in 1990 to 51 in 2006. In the hardest hit province of KwaZulu-Natal, it was as low as 43.

“The Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: National and Provincial Indicators for 2006” said that 15-year-olds had a 56 percent chance of dying before the age of 60, compared to a 29 percent chance of dying in 1990.

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