SEARCH AND RESCUE: No man left behind.

The new message series is entitled Search and Rescue.  It is our intention to learn how to make the following statement a reality:

NO MAN LEFT BEHIND. I thank you for having been with us this morning.  I believe that God blessed.  We had 77 for Sunday School and 90 for church and that on Thanksgiving weekend when many of our people were still out of town. God has been so good to our church.   

The goal this morning was to communicate the following idea: S.O.S.  : MAN DOWN.  Our goal was to IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM.  In a crisis it is important that we recognize the “cause and effect”! What is at the root of the problem!  We want to RECOGNIZE THE WORLD’S CALL FOR HELP.  There are many ways to call for help. Just listen!  This morning we gave out a couple of pamphlets to help us learn how to identify strongholds in the life’s of our love ones.  If you were unable to be with us this morning I challenge you to listen to the podcast (go to the church’s web page, and click on the podcast) or get the cd.  Be sure and get the material so that you will be able to help others.  It starts with identifying the problem.  There are people who are hurting all around us.  We must help them.

This coming Sunday, December 3rd we will have as our topic; RESPONSE UNIT, CERTIFIED TO ASSIST.  Our goal will be to be prepared for “spiritual disaster relief.”  We want to learn what we can do once we have identified the problem.  We want to be prepared to help others

On December 10th we will have as our theme; ALL ALONE where our goal is to RECOGNIZE OUR NEED FOR SUPPORT.  We must realize that we are unable to help or be helped on our own.  We need help! We need to learn how to get God’s help in our lives and ministry.  I want to challenge you this week to install Covenant Eyes on your computer, get an accountablity partner, get involved in our Reformers Class which you can do by inviting your friends and loved ones who may have a problem.  God can make a difference in lives.

The we will have our last service in this series on December 31st and its message will be NO MAN LEFT BEHIND.  We must RESTORE THE HURTING.  Recovering is a process that takes time and support – Let’s show God’s grace during the process. 

I hope that you will be involved in all of this series.  I hope that you will invite others and allow God to work in and through you for His honor and glory.

Don’t forget our evening services on Sundays at 6 pm when we are going through the book of Joshua.  We are learning to live the abundant life that He has prepared for us.  It is ours for the taking.  He has already done all the work and the ministry.  Take that extra step.  Go the extra mile and come to the Sunday evening services.

Then be with us also on Thursday nights at 7:15 pm for our midweek service where we are also going through the book of Joshua.  There is a lot more for you in all the Bible.  If you will come on Sunday nights and Thursday nights I believe that God will really grow you up in Him.  If you are unable to attend why don’t listen to the podcast or get the CD of the messages.

I want you to know that I love you and pray for you often.  I really want to see God make us all be what He would have us to be to get the gospel to the world.


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