Special Thanksgiving Supper

I want to remind you that it is Thanksgiving time at Vision!  This Tuesday night at 7 pm we will begin eating.  I am sure that all of the ladies are going to bring some very special food that they have prepared.  We will feast first on great Thanksgiving food but then we will really begin the Thanksgiving time.  One of my favorite days of the year is Thanksgiving because we get to thank the one who has done so much for us. 

I thank God that He saved me, called me into His ministry, allowed me to meet and marry the most wonderful woman in the world, have a great family, work in the greatest church in the world, and a thousand other things.  Tuesday night we are going to have a night of just saying thanks.  We will eat and satisfy our physical self but then we will proceed to thank the great God of Heaven for all that He has done in our hearts.  Come ready to thank Him and enjoy a very special worship time.

God really blessed again on Sunday.  The choir did a great job.  The Spanish church had 17 in the morning service with one profession of faith.  We had 85 in Sunday School and 103 for church.  God is truly blessing.  We have averaged 103 so far this month in the morning service.  It looks like we now have broken that 100 mark.  It is time now to pray for 200.

Yesterday afternoon John Pearson, Mark Coffey, and I had the privilege of going to Forsyth, Georgia to witness the chartering of Philadelphia Baptist Church with Pastor Erik Byrd.  Please also pray for him.

I look forward to a wonderful time with you tomorrow evening.  My favorite service of the year and it is going to be great.  God bless each of you.

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