Greg and Tracey Anderson, missionaries of the week!

Greg and Tracey Anderson are our missionaires of the week here at Vision!  God has greatly used this family to do great and mighty things for Him in and around Peru. They have started several churches from Ayacucho to Arequipa.  Greg maintains probably the best web site in Spanish on the web.  You can visit it by clicking on Evangelismo Mundial.  Their web site in English is Operation Peru.  They serve with Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

If you would like to contact the Andersons this week to tell them that you love them and are praying for them here is their information:

Greg Anderson
Casilla 5
Arequipa, Peru
Cell Phone: 011-51-54-9930401

We want Greg, Tracey and their children, Ashley and Jonathan to know that we love them.  Be sure and mention their name in prayer this week.

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1 thought on “Greg and Tracey Anderson, missionaries of the week!”

  1. Greg Anderstein

    Brother Greg Anderson had a great sermon as a guest speaker in MP3 format online a few years back that I am scouring the virtual earth for… He was speaking on various subjects like the school in Peru, the goverment there and other great stuff. Does anyone have a copy of that somewhere? The site seems to have disappeared…

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