Chris and Kathy Fies, our newest members

We are excited to welcome Chris and Kathy Fies as our newest members.  They are extremely talented, dedicated, and hard working couple.  They immediately wanted to know what they could be doing to serve God in and through the church.  They are very welcome as we are looking for people who want much more out of a church.  We want a church of people that are highly committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We want people who want to live out their Christian life.

Chris and Kathy will soon be working and heavily involved in several ministries.  We realize that not all of you want to do so much right off so let me tell you that we will be glad to have you at the level you can serve the Lord but from there we will help you to learn what you can do to serve God.  He has a great and very fulfilling plan for your life.  We want to help you find it, learn how to do it, and get involved in all that God has for you.

Chris and Kathy, we love you, we prayed that God would have you join and we are excited to have you on the team.  I look forward to all that God is going to do with you.  God bless you both real good.

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