Two Moms to Be on Baby’s Birth Certificate After N.J. Gay Rights Ruling–Fox News reports!

God created the family in the very beginning.  The family unit is not a product of evolution nor is it a man made institution.  When God created the world He made man and woman and formed the first family.  The family unit is the most important basic social unit in the universe.  Satan has always wanted to destroy what God created.  What is happening flies in the face of the Bible and of God.  To make two women the father and mother, to make two women who live together a family is obviously not logical nor is it Biblically right.  As a Christian you are going to have to always make your decision based on what the Bible says.  We are people of the Book, the Word of God.  We do not vote on what is right and wrong.  We do not decide what is to form the family unit, God does. 

Men have decided that they can legislate now what a family is.  In other news they are planning on allowing you to pick your own gender regardless of how you were born.  I find it very interesting that we so desire to prove that we are god or that we are above any absolutes that we do things that are absolutely insane.  A man or male child can now call himself a woman even without a sex change.  God you were wrong to state that it was to be a man and a woman.  We will just determine what a family here. 

Here is part of the article with a link back to their page so that you can see the rest:

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J.  —  Two women will be listed as parents on the birth certificate of a baby born this week in New Jersey, one of the first implications of a state Supreme Court ruling that gives same-sex couples access to the same rights as married couples.

The state and the women agreed in a closed family court proceeding Monday, the day before the child was born, that both women should be listed in light of the landmark high court ruling. A judge agreed with the state and the women, lawyers said.

In New Jersey, birth certificates are typically mailed to parents.

Assistant Attorney General Patrick DeAlmeida said the women are the first he knows of to take advantage of new rights granted by the Oct. 25 ruling.

The Burlington County women, who are registered as domestic partners, did not want their names made public, their attorney Stephen Hyland said.

Under state law, the husband of a woman who gives birth through artificial insemination is listed on the birth certificate as the father. No such provision is made for lesbian couples, who often go through lengthy and costly adoptions to give both women equal rights as parents.

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I am not against the people that choose to do their own thing.  We desire to help them find purpose in life and to know the freedom that comes from knowing God through His Son Jesus Christ.  Our God is a loving God but He is still God and He still decides.  I challenge you as you live in an ever changing society to think before you feel.  Consider what God’s Word says and not what makes you popular.  You do not have to be rude or mean to stand on truth and right.


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