The following excerpt is taken from a message by Dan Meaders preached in 1999.

In “Homer’s Odyssey,” there is the story in that famous classic, and in that story, there is a certain island that is inhabited by these little sea creatures that they call sea nymphs. And the island was called the Island of Siren. And ships, the story goes, would go sailing near this island, and were pulled toward this island with a strong, compelling force. As that shipped was being pulled toward this island, these sea creatures and sea nymphs would begin to sing these songs that would captivate men’s attention. Not only captivate them, but would tempt them. These men, in listening to these songs, and the strong melody that would come off this island, would forget about their homes. They would forget about their wives. They would forget about their children. They would forget about everything that was dear to them, and they would jump overboard to get to this island, and their bodies were hauled by the sea upon the rocks, and the rocks would break their bodies all to pieces. It is said the bodies of these broken men were strewn up and down the shore, upon this island. They called it the price of yielding to the songs of Siren.

There is a Siren song in our society today that is pulling men. Listen, pornography in this country has so much power and so much pull, it is destroying and wrecking lives from the highest seat in our society, to the lowest in the streets.

Pornography has the power that promises forbidden love, promises hidden fun, promises imaginable pleasures. Its melody and images leave men so close to the shores of destruction that they are jumping overboard and are being slung into the rocks of destruction. They are losing their lives. They are losing their wives. They are losing their homes. They are losing their children. They are losing their future. They are losing everything. They are losing it all to this thing called pornography.

Homer’s hero in the book found the way to avoid Siren’s song, and as his ship began to sail near that island, where so many others had lost their lives, he took his men and put wax in their ears. He had himself tied to the mast of the ship, so that the island and the songs would not tear him loose to destroy his life like so many others.

The lure of pornography is coming into this country from every direction. It is coming in upon our lives, in our homes from every direction. There is not one place you can name that pornography does not have its tentacles into. It is coming in through the televisions. Pouring volumes of Hell’s sewers, right into our homes. It is coming in through music, glorifying the images. It is coming in through advertisement.

Advertisement uses porn to sell its products. Movies glamorize it. It is coming in through the videos, where people can have their secret pleasures. It is coming in through the telephone, so people can fill their ears with forbidden words. It is coming in through the computers, so they can fill their eyes with the images of Hell. It is coming in through the billboards, so you can keep your mind off Heaven. You keep your mind on that when you are driving down the road. It is coming in through the bookstores. Every bookstore you go in displays it. It is coming in through the newspapers. They undress their world in our homes, even in the newspapers. You can’t name one thing that pornography doesn’t have a hold of.

You better find more than wax to stick in your ears, to get away from this power. That wax, you better stick in your ears, better be the grace of God, because that is the only thing there is that is ever going to give you any hope of escape. That mast you better tie yourself to is called the cross of Calvary, because that is the only thing that can defeat it. There is nothing else. There is not a program. There is not a medicine. There is nothing that can defeat pornography, outside of the grace of God. ……

I will tell you today why Christianity is not rising up, marching and crying against it, because she has lived daily, listening to the conversations of the wicked, so her soul is vexed and she does not have the desire to fight it, because she is so used to it. That is why the church isn’t fighting it. That is why no one is preaching against it, because they have become used to it. We see it every day. ………

Porn freaks surf the Internet, they live in the chat rooms. They come through the chat rooms, boasting and lying and deceiving, looking for victims, just to satisfy their lust and please their passions. That is all they do. They live in those chat rooms, like a spider weaving a web, waiting for an innocent insect to fly into it. Then they walk outside, wrap that web around and around, until they can’t move. They stuck the blood out of the victim and leave an innocent shell. That is exactly what they do. They sit there, days and nights, filling their minds and hearts with the most filth that comes out of Hell. Then they go looking for you.

These are just several excerpts from this message.  I was just searching for material that I was preparing and came across it.  I must have saved it on the hard drive a long time ago.  We must be careful.  This sin has become very prevalent even among Christians and even among pastors and leaders.

The internet has a great deal of opportunity to slip unsupervised into this sin.  That is why I would like to challenge you to get a program like Covenant Eyes and put it on all of your computers.  It is what we use as a staff.  It doesn’t block you from any page on the internet but rather records and sends a list of every page you visit to an accountablity partner.  I suggest that this person be some one other than your wife.  The knowledge that someone else knows what you are looking at will help you stay strong in your pursuit of holiness and your desire to avoid temptation in the form of internet pornography.  You can talk to the church office and we can help you get set up with an account for a very reasonable price and also let you see how it works. 

Go to Covenant Eyes web page and learn more.

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