New Sunday School Classes

I want to ask you to pray with me as we prepare to start new Sunday School classes.  We want to divide into more children’s classes in Sunday School.  We want to divide the youth department.  We are praying now that God will raise up people with a desire to be in these ministries. 

Each person obviously who takes one of these classes will have to have finished the first level of discipleship and so if you are thinking about a possible future ministry you need now to get involved in discipleship.  Talk to Mark Coffey to get signed up and begin working with someone.  You might say that you already know the basic things of the Christian life but by taking the discipleship course you will be better able to disciple others as we continue to grow. 

God has a place for you to serve.  You are needed right now.  Will you take the step.

Also know that if you desire to join the church you need to let one of us know about it.  Talk to Mark Coffey.  We are ready to see about accepting you as a member right now.

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