Letter from our missionary in China


November 2006


Dear Praying Friends,

Greeting to everyone from China, it is time to give another update on what He has been doing here.     


It is hard for me to believe this year is coming to an end. Midterm exams have come and gone. This semester has been going along great.   


Thanks for your prayers concerning the work here. Recently there have been some visitors coming to the meetings. Some of them have been coming on a regular basis to some of our meetings.  We are planning some special things for the upcoming holidays. We would very much appreciate you prayers for us in the preparation for the holidays.


A week ago one of Susan’s uncle passed away very sudden. Would you please pray for the family. Susan’s aunt is having a hard time because of losing her husband. They are unsaved. Susan and I have witness to them and have been praying for them for a long time.     


Thanks also for your prayers as we went to the village last month . We went to the village where Mark’s (a national in the work here) sister and brother-in-law live. While there we were able to share the Word with them which answered some of the questions they had.  
Please pray for spiritual growth in the work here. Pray for His protection here in the work.   


We pray you have a wonderful time over the holidays. Thank you for your faithfulness. Trust the Lord will richly bless you.

Here to serve,


The Flemings

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