Daybreak Quartet to sing at the Our Generation Summit

The Daybreak Quartet will be singing at the Our Generation Summit in Pigeon Forge in just a few days.  The Summit takes place on December 28-30.  It is a wonderful time of World Vision — World Evangelism fellowship.  Come learn to love the Lord your God and all those that He loves.  Come learn where you can fit in to be best used of God to reach the world with the gospel message.  God wants to use you to make an impact, to make a difference.  You can be a world changer.  Come learn more at the Summit.  The information on registering and all is found on the Our Generation web site.  It is a wonderful time that you will not want to miss.

The Daybreak Quartet will be bringing special music several times and will bless you as they lead us in worship to our God.  Check out their web page to learn more about them. Come be part of this great meeting for the honor and glory of your God.

John Pearson will be leading the businessmen and other laymen in special classes.  Dean Hamby will be with us to represent Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Trent Cornwell will be with us leading the teen ministry.  Tony Howeth will be with us challenging all of us to do more for our God in World Evangelism.  Pastor Charles Blackstock will be with us bringing a good number of the families from his church.  The Webb family from Lighthouse will be there to help with music and you will not want to miss that.  Chris and Andria Gardner will be there preaching, teaching and singing.  You will not want to miss Andria’s singing nor the chance to meet our newest grandson. Many others will be with us.  Don’t you miss it.

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