Pastor Bob Kelley home with the Lord!

Pastor Bob Kelley has graduated to Heaven at the age of 65.  The following are some notes that he taught his preacher boys that I think are worth our reading.  He had what he called the Timothy Club which was a meeting of his young preacher boys.  At the end of these notes you will find a link to the blog where I got these notes.  If you want to know more about this great man of God be sure and click on the link.  Pastor Milton Kerr was one of the preachers at the funeral and he is a good friend, a great man and pastor.  All of this speaks so well of a man who lived a life of character when that seems to be so grealy lacking in our day.

Pastor Kelley wanted the Timothy Club meetings to be times of very practical instruction for the students so that we would get a clear picture of what it meant to be in the ministry. Each year he would take at least one meeting to share the “Greatest Lessons” he had learned. These “Lessons” were fleshed out in his life—and that’s what makes them compelling.

The Greatest Lessons I Have Learned as a Preacher of the Gospel:

  1. Your best sermon is your family. Love your wife and teach your children to stay close.
  2. Empty wells produce dead cats and dry leaves—personal devotions are a must to prevent burn out and keep a fresh presence of the Lord.
  3. Love people as they are, rough edges and all, and never, ever give up on them.
  4. You do not get what you want in life and ministry; you get what you are—character matters.
  5. Never, ever lose your burden for souls.
  6. Guard your tongue.
  7. Learn to calculate what is worth making an issue—learn the difference between convictions and preferences.
  8. God called us to build people, not ministries or buildings.
  9. Make good friends.
  10. Have fun! Stay excited! Laugh! People ought to want your job!
  11. Die to self and don’t be all day in doing it! Rise early and get going!
  12. The best protection against falling into sin is to practice hating it.
  13. Count your blessings—then record them. Don’t rely on your memory to recall all of God’s goodness.
  14. Say “thank you” every time and every way you can. A thankful attitude covers a multitude of sins.
  15. Exercise your faith. A faith that cannot be tested is a faith that cannot be trusted.
  16. Keep your shoes shined; stay neat—first impressions matter.
  17. Never forget the Judgment Seat of Christ.
  18. Always remember—God can get along just fine without you.

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