Our Generation Summit

This is to remind you that it is time to give your registration so that you will have a room reserved at the Summit.  The registration is $50 per person and that is non refundable but it will reserve your room.  We will really have a great time of fellowship, ministry, relaxation, and learning more about how to reach the world with the gospel messge.  You can register on line at http://www.ourgeneration.citymax.com/page/page/3447350.htm and you can get more info at the following link: http://www.ourgeneration.info/page/page/3311503.htm.

 I will post some more information here in the next day or so.  You can register for $50 a piece and then stay at the same hotel where the team will stay or go on to another where you make your own registrations.  You are going to miss a great blessing if you do not go with us.  It will be a wonderful, relaxing time and you will be blessed.  I look forward to spending some precious time with each of you.

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