Love Won Out!

I had the wonderful opportunity today to go to a conference called “Love Won Out”.  It was a tremendous opportunity and blessing.  I was blessed and felt great praise for the Lord as I heard from men and women whom God had freed from the sin of homosexuality.  I was thrilled to learn of better ways that I personally can lead our church to be a blessing to these needy people.  Many families are suffering greatly because of this sexual immorality just like families suffering from the unfaithfulness of a partner.  God has an answer to all sexual sins and problems. 

There are families and people are hurting from the ravages and attacks of sin that need to know that there is a place where they can go and get loving help from the people of God.  I hope that we will always be that type of church.  We are not here to judge but to serve.  We can’t quit calling sin sin but we can love those that are deep in sin and pray as God gives them victory over their sin as they repent and turn to Him.

I want to challenge each of us to live above and beyond these same sins that we preach about.  I would like to challenge you to consider Covenant Eyes as a way to care for your testimony.  This program will help you to have accountability while you are on the internet.  I personally use it.  Statistics and surveys tell us that there is a high percentage of Christian men and women that deal with the sin of pornography.  Take a stand against this in your life today.

If you are battling with homosexuality I want you to know that there are people that care and want to help you experience grace and victory.  Vision Baptist Church cares.  You can also check for a ministry that can offer help.  If your family is suffering and are looking for help please allow us to help you and you can also check out

I want share some more with you about this later but I must say that today touched my heart.  I know that I have not shown the right attitude in the past and I want to honor God from now on in this aspect of my life.  I want the love of God to be shed abroad in my heart.

Feel free to write info@visionbc to contact us and let us know how we can help.


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