Pray for Pastor Jim Vineyard, latest update!

This letter just came from Travis Snode, who is a missionary supported by Windsor Hills Baptist Church.  Pastor Vineyard is a great man and has been greatly used of God for the cause of World Evangelism.  His church is probably one of the most world evangelism minded and hearted churches that I have ever heard of.  Please read this, share it, and pray for him.

October 30, 2006

Dear folks:

My tumor turned me upside down again Friday night. I am in Mercy Hospital.

The Lord willing, they are going to take this tumor out and my small

intestines. When they do, there are 3 possibilities:

1. They will put me back together. I will lose some weight but

continue to function better than I have been at the present time.

2. They will put me back together and watch me for a while, but

if my digestive system does not function properly, allowing me to maintain

my weight, they will install a tube into an artery or vein in front of my

right shoulder whereby 5 times a week, on 5 days, I will give myself 2200

calories each time directly into the blood, and continue to be able to

function as I am presently – with the only liability of having to take the

additive items and giving myself the additive calories.

3. I go to Heaven to be with Jesus.

So, it is a win, win, win situation.

Please pray for me as I definitely need prayer at this time. Pray that the

surgeon can get after this thing ASAP.

May God’s richest and best blessings be yours.

I am humbly, sincerely, and gratefully, your friend and servant,

James A. Vineyard




1 thought on “Pray for Pastor Jim Vineyard, latest update!”

  1. You are in my prayers Pastor Vineyard, you are such an inspiration to me and my family
    In Christ Gene Beebe

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