Family Fun Fall Festival

Well God has been so good and great with us again today.  We had prayed for 120 in attendance.  In Sunday School God gave us 97 and then in the morning service we had 121.  Three professions of faith were made in the Spanish Service with Pastor Ronald Tubillas. 

After Sunday School and Church we had games, hotdogs and fun.  I really believe that everyone enjoyed themselves and we thank God for His goodness.  God is blessing in wonderful ways We ended the month with over 71 as our average Sunday School attendance and just over 93 for the church attendance.  The church is just under 7 months since our opening Celebration Sunday.

I now want to invite you to be praying about something really wonderful this week.  Starting Thursday night we will be having our World Vision Celebration as we get involved in missions again.  Don’t miss any services this week.  Each evening we will begin at 7:15 pm

Sunday we will begin our training for the World Evangelism Committee. This is a very special time and only for those that have truly decided that they want to be involved in the plan of God to reach the world.  We will meet this coming Sunday afternoon from 1:30 until 4:30.  We will learn how our church can be involved and what type of church that we want to have.  After that we will learn to do an area study and begin working towards overseeing various parts of the world and mission work there.  Don’t miss it. Sign up now.



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