A World Evangelism Church

This week we begin another World Vision Celebration which is our mission’s conference.  This coming Sunday we will have the first of our training sessions for the World Evangelism Committee.  I wanted to give you a couple of ideas of what we mean when we say that we want to be a World Evangelism Church.

First it is our desire that World Evangelism permeate every part of our church; every class, every meeting, every activity, everything should tell people what we have on our minds and hearts.  

We want every member to expect to play some part in World Evangelism.  Not all will go to the mission field but all will have a part.  All will be involved,  World Evangelism and making a difference is not limited to the chosen special few that have some kind of special calling but to all of us.

We want God’s heart and desire to reach the world to be mentioned in nearly all the services, meetings, acitivities so that we never stray from our or better said His purpose for us.

As a church and its leadership we want to be constantly challenging our young couples and singles to give their lives to serve God over seas.

We want the kind of church where it is expected and everyone expects to be involved in mission service and short term trips to other parts of the world.  These trips will be to work and witness for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We want to be the kind of church where the average layman can quote, mention, talk about several verses that talk about our God’s desire to get the gospel to the world.  We want them to know, understand, and believe that this desire of God is the theme of the Word of God.

We want to be the kind of church that takes care of our missions giving even before we pay the electric bill.  We know why we are here and we will live like.  By the way, Vision has lived that way since the first private meetings that we held.

We want to be the kind of church where the average layman from our church knows our missionaries that we support and prays for them.  The member will know their name, where they serve, what they are doing, and what is happening currently with them.  He will know what their needs are.

Mission information and praying for the world will be the mainstream of our church life.

It will be our goal to give as large a portion of our income as possible to the cause of World Evangelism.  We never want to give less than 25% and our goal will be to get to at least 50%.  Currently, Vision gives over 25% of her offerings to the cause of world evangelism.

As a church we desire to realize that World Evangelism is at least have the reason we exist as a church.  We want it to be our heart to reach our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the uttermost and all at the same time.  We will make every effort to be effective for His causes in His endeavors

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