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“In case you didn’t know, census results put the number of college and university students in the US near 16.6 million. That includes full-time, part-time, undergrad and graduate students. But the more stunning number comes from the Freshman Norms, the CRIP survey given each year to tens of thousands of incoming freshman at the nation’s two and four year schools. Among other things it asks, “Do you consider yourself to be a born again Christian?”

Sure, it’s a loaded question, especially in areas removed from the south. But, Jesus did, in fact, use the words Himself in describing what happens when we are reconnected to God. Staggeringly, every year close to 78% say “No.”

Each year 8 of every 10 students in the US say, “NO, I am NOT a born again Christian!”

Of course that number is balanced by the Universitys of Georgia out there that have an abundance of people saying “Yes.” (Which is great!) Balanced by the the ocean of campuses where those actively following Jesus is maybe 1-2% of the entire student body.”

As I consider these statistics I am alarmed.  We are not accomplishing our job as a church or as Christians.  I want to ask you to pray for these young people.  I want to ask you to help me try to reach these young people with the gospel message.  In one of the comments added to this blog I found this:

“Basically… those numbers mean that potentially, 80% of college freshmen made it through middle school and high school without someone coming along side of them and sharing the love of Jesus with them, and not giving up on them at first rejection.

To all the middle school workers out there… all the high school workers out there… I say, let’s get out there and love on some students and tell them about Jesus, so that one day that 78% would begin to decline.”

We live in the middle of a very needy people, yet we are unable to make much of a difference because as adults and leaders we are often low committment.  We are not willing to pay the price to make a difference in men and women’s lives nor in the lives of these college students.  Will we rise to the challenge? 

They will not appreciate us.  They will say hurtful things.  They will reject the messager and even the messenge.  Will we decide now to make a real difference, an eternal difference in lives for His honor and glory.


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