Welcome Kitty Stephens and Carla Stephens!

We are so glad to get to welcome two new members. Kitty and Carla are sisters that have moved to the area from Wisconsin. They come from a very godly family and we are excited to have them as members of our church.

This morning God blessed us with 63 in Sunday School and 93 for church. The message was on Birth, Life, Death…?? God blessed the preaching and we thank Him for that. The Spanish ministry had a total of 15 in attendance. Brother Ronald is really doing a great job.

Tonight Jason Cofield will be getting ordained at our old church. Whitfield Baptist Church was our home church for many years and we are thankful for them and for the Cofield family. The Coffey family and the Cornwell family will not be with us as Amy and Stephanie are Jason’s sisters. They will all take part in the ordination. I really wished that I could go but since it is on Sunday night I will just pray for them.

We had the privilege of having ******* *********, missionary to Morocco, with us this morning. He is a graduate of the Peru Bible College and we are expecting God to do great things with him and His wife in Morocco. Please pray for him. I had the privilege of being is pastor in Peru on two different occassions and have known him since he was about 11 years old.

I thank each of you for your kindness and your prayers. It is exciting to be serving God with you.

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