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Christian Ching is a graduate of the Peru Bible College in Arequipa, Peru. God has called him to serve in the nation of China. He is currently preparing to join the On the Edge team on the border of Russia and China, studying the language and working with us to raise funds. Will you help us build a bridge from this passionate young man of God to the country God has called him to?

Birthplace: I was born in the province of Nazca , department of Ica . The city is a port and a mining center too. It is the first iron producer from Peru and also fishing is an important job. People are very mind opened, liberal and happy. There are a lot of night clubs, and during weekends there are fairs. It is a very commercial place.

There are a lot of Pentecostal and Catholic churches, and even a Mormon one. The population is of around 30,000 people.

We are 5 in my family, my father, mother and my 2 siblings. I was raised in a catholic home, attached to their tradition, saints, etc. My parents went to a Pentecostal church and met Christ, we were not interested but my parents made us go.

After a while they have gotten away from the church, because of some financial problems. Luckily my family was always well off financially, and they gave us the best education. In 1998 year we went to live to Arequipa . We still live together, in spite of the problems, trying to live like a family. My parents do not often go to church. My brothers are not believers.

How I came to Know Christ : I was studying in my home when Pastor Percy López and Luis Navarro knocked on my house door and invited me to a church. I decided to go, but without interest, and later I rarely went.

I accepted Christ on November 19, 1998, during a Summit for leaders and pastors. After hearing a message from Chris Gardner I received Jesus in my heart, but I was embarrassed and did not raise my hand.

How Christ has changed my Life: My life changed but not how I expected, so in 15 days I got away from the church. I was studying a career and my friends and their influence made me get away from God.

I knew I was saved, but because of my studies I only went to church once a month. My career made me look at things from a shallow and material point of view.

I spent 1 year and 3 months like that, until on November of 2001, and thanks to a friend, who visited me, I came back to the church and reconciled with God. It was there I understood how to live with Christ, later I started to be more involved in the church, going faithfully and wearing formal clothes. I started to like the things of God, and I was changing. The resentment I had against my father disappeared, I left my studies and my worldly point of view changed completely. I was not the same anymore.

My Calling into the Ministry: I started to get involved in the ministries of the church, first as an usher, and later my pastor told me again about the Seminary. I thought it was a place for saints, and because in my mind I wanted to improve myself and do something, I came to study on 2004 with a wrong conviction, taking it like a personal challenge because of my pride.

In the next semester I received the call from God, showing me what he wanted with my life and working in me, it was during Thanksgiving that I gave my life to the Lord and I decided to serve Him with all my heart, with the intention of becoming a preacher.

My goal now is to finish this semester, and serve God, remembering always that He is my strength.

I did not know about other seminaries, but I think this one is prestigious and has good references from my pastor and other people that have encouraged me to study.

My Plans for the Future: I would like to be a missionary in my country, in the central jungle area. I’m praying for the department of Junin and places around there. I want to plant churches and a Biblical institute to train leaders and send them to the Seminary so the work in the jungle can grow.

God has given me a burden for Asia and Africa , to plant churches and tell them about God, Christ, His Word and the doctrine. Later I will plant a seminary like the one in Arequipa to prepare men and women of God.

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