Family Fun Fall Festival

We want you to make plans for a very special day.  We will start at 9:30 with Sunday School where the children will have learn exciting Bible lessons from the lives of Bible Heroes and great Character lessons from the Word of God.  The children will then get to participate in Faith Friends which is a tremendous hour of Faith, friends, fun, and learning the things of God.  Your children will not want to miss this special day.

For the Teens we will have the Our Generation Army Sunday School where they will be challenge to live worthwhile, meaningful lives of character and faith.  Trent Cornwell does a tremendous job in this class.  After that they will be with the Adult Worship service.

There are special fellowships and classes for the Asian Bible Fellowship, the young adults, singles, nursery age etc.  You name it we have it and we want it to be a very special day. 

After the Classes and Worship service we will have a hotdog cookout and games and fun for all the family.  You will not want to miss it. 

Below is a list of the games that we are planning:



chasikelen – ghana 

Make a target that is either has a hole or a tube to throw into. Post a guard with a stick (or small bat) in front of the target. The guard tries to bat the ball away while the player tries to throw the ball past the guard and into the target. 

simbii – kenya 

The player tries to throw ten buttons consecutively into a hole 5-6 yards away.  


ice fishing 

Set up like a regular fishing pond game, except make an “ice floe” out of white fabric or a sheet of Styrofoam. Cut a hole in the “ice” for the fish to be caught. 


chopsticks challenge – china 

The player must try to carry small items (such as cotton balls) from one bowl to another without dropping them. You could give a prize based on how many items the player can transfer without dropping them. This originated as a relay game in China.   (Hugh Watson)

jegi chagi or shuttlecock kicking – korea 

In the traditional game, the player tries to keep a shuttlecock in the air by kicking it. You could have the player try to drop kick shuttlecocks into a target. (Mark Tolson) 

Chinese Character Painting  (Natasha Whitt)

Game from Kurdistan 

Cricket (India ) 

       2 person game – batter and bowler 

Central and South America 

hit the coin – brazil 

Place a 12- to 18-inch bamboo stick (or use a dowel) into the ground (you could make a stand or use a Christmas tree stand indoors). Draw a circle about five inches in diameter around the pole. Place a coin or bottle cap on top of the stick. the players stands about four feet away from the stick and tries to knock the object off the stick by throwing a coin at it. The object is to knock the coin off the stick to the outside of the 5 inch circle. 


 Shove ha’penny – england  

There seems to be two versions of this game. In the first, you push a ha’penny with the heel of your hand down a long table, seeing who can get closest to the end without falling off. In the other, more formal version, you again shove a ha’penny, but must try to land it between grooves in the board. Masters Games has a version for you to see at Of course, if you haven’t got a ha’penny, a penny will do. 

Quilles – france  

This is the French version of ten-pins or skittles. You hang a rope with a ball attached so that the ball just touches the floor. Use ten plastic blowing pins or 2-liter soda bottles as the pins. The player tries to swing the rope and knock down the pins with the ball.  

boccie – italy  

This is an Italian game of lawn bowling that has many variations around the world. In Boccie, a target ball, called the “jack,” is rolled out and then the players try to position their balls nearest to the jack. A carnival version could have a jack set up inside colored rings. The player would try to land their ball in the color closest to the jack. (Amy Interdim)  

golf – scotland 

A game of mini golf is right at home in Scotland. (John Pearson) 

hoops – greece 

The game operator rolls a hula hoop in front of the player while the player tries to throw a ball through the hoop without touching it. (Erika Link) 


North America 

Hathamoune (corn cob darts) – native americans 

The target for this dart-throwing game is a ball made out of leaves (you could cover a styrafoam ball with fake leaves). The darts are made from corn cobs, with feathers on one end a a sharp stick at the other end. The object is to stand a distance from the ball and pierce it with the darts.  

ice hockey – canada 

Again, you may not have ice, but you can still have hockey. Use a kids hockey set. Mark out numbers with tape (or use chalk outside) that correspond to prizes. The player hits the puck with the stick and gets a prize corresponding to the number the puck lands on.    

Good Ol’ Basketball 

          Candy awarded based upon 5 shots taken.  (Micah Smith)

Cake Walk – (Mrs. Gardner)

Be the Quarterback 

  Throw through a wheel.  (David Velke)

Horse Shoes (Mr. Gardner) 


beanbag throw 

Make a target out of plywood or foamcore (available at art supply stores) for beanbags. Paint the board with a fun design and cut out holes large enough for the beanbags to go through. Each player gets to throw three beanbags at the target. (Similar to Cornhole ask Mark Tolson) 

flamingo ring toss  

We have an inflatable Flamingo Ring Toss in our Catalog, or use plastic flamingo yard decorations as the targets. 

pin the monkey on the palm tree 

We have an inexpensive Pin the Monkey on The Palm Tree game in our Catalog. It brings Pin the Tail on the Donkey into the tropics. 

tiki torches (candle shootout) 

Decorate the candles in this game to look like tiki torches. Firmly anchor candles in dishes, players try to shoot out the candle flame with water (squirt) guns. A barbecue lighter is handy for relighting the candles. Have plenty of water guns on hand so some can be refilled while others are in play. Don’t use the ultra powerful water guns, they’ll knock over your whole set up! We have some great sea animal water squirters in our Catalog. 


Ping Pong Shootout: Instead of using candles, set ping pong balls on top of weighted 2 liter pop bottles. Decorate the bottles to look like tikis. The player must shoot the ball off the bottle using a water gun. We have inexpensive ping pong balls in our Catalog.  (Kathyren Pearson)

tropical fish toss (goldfish toss) 

Set up a row of empty goldfish bowls and let the player try to toss a ping pong ball into a bowl. The prize is a living goldfish (in a plastic bag), available for very little cost from your local pet store. You might try to earn a little extra by selling inexpensive goldfish bowls to the winners. (Stephanie De Los Reyes) 

boomerang toss – australia  

Instead of a Frisbee toss, try a Boomerang toss. Set up a target for the boomerang to either pass through or land on. 


You will not want to miss this very special day.  If you need more information please give us a call at 770-456-5881.  Everyone is welcome to come and we think that you will have a very special time.

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