Congratulations to Charles and Carolyn Gardner for 53 years of marriage!

I just want to thank God for His goodness in the life of my parents.  They just celebrated 53 years of marriage.  I thank God for parents that taught and trained me to serve the God of Heaven.  I was in church everytime the doors were open.  I learned more at home about the Bible than at any Bible College.  I thank God for my parents and challenge each of you to really invest also in the lives of your children.

Also please be in prayer for my mother as she has a broken and severely damaged wrist and has been dealing with this for now nearly 6 months.  Pray that the therapy will work and that she will get the use of her arm back.  She fell in the church on a Saturday as she was helping with the mailings and other work to get the gospel out.  Thank you for your prayers.

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