Robbed on the way home from the Pastor’s School in Arequipa

I just got the following leader from Pastor Samuel Lagos. I had the privilege of meeting him when I was preaching a youth congress in Santiago, Chile with Missionary Jason Holt.  He wrote the bus for many hours from Santiago, Chile to Arequipa, Peru.  He states that God did a great work in his life.  He lost all his money and things on the way back to his country.  Please read the letter and be praying for him.  If there would be anyone that would like to give him an offering to help him with this need please feel free to contact me at 770-456-5881. 

I am excited that the pastor’s school was of so much a blessing to hundreds that were able to be with us.  I am excited as I see what God is doing with and through Chris Gardner and the other missionaries and national pastors that do so much to make the work a tremendously blessed and successful ministry.


The Pastor’s School costs literalty over $5,000 US to host all that come.  The church people gave all that they could in food, offerings, and labor.  We now must ask God to help us pay for the expenses of this great Pastor’s School.  Will you pray about helping in some small way.


Dear Brethren,
As I began my trip to the city of Arequipa it was a great joy as I watched what God did on the trip with His unworthy servant; one soul came to Jesus Christ, another was brought under great conviction of their need for salvation, and to another we were able to share the Word of Life.  
Arriving there and being part of all that God had planned for us through the teachings and the hospitality of the children of God really filled me with joy and gratefulness.
Yesterday I finally finished my return trip.  I am at home with my finally with my family and I still have joy and I am full of gratitude in my relationship with my Lord and my brethren in Arequipa, in spite of the adverse circumstances that I had to experience in the border city of Tacna.
These are the details of what happened:  Sunday the 15th I arrived in Tacna in the early dawn hours and was on my way to a motel when the taxi driver and some criminal accomplices came to the point of stealing everything except my documents, passport and return tickets to Villa Alemana from Tacna.  They left me unconscious outside the city.  I received help from some people in the area and finally got to the embassy of my country, Chile and they helped me get across the border.  I spent the day Sunday until Monday in the home of the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Arica.  Now that I am back home I can promise you that there is not one drop of bitterness in me towards my attackers to whom I constantly repeated that Jesus loved them. AS you will truly see I believe that I know that God loves me, gave me strength and serenity in these circumstances.  I hope that God will allow me to return to the Arequipa Pastor’s school next year along with my wife and some leaders from my church.  With all this story I will say good bye to each of you my friends and brothers in Christ by quoting this very well known verse that we find in Romans 8: 28.
I pray that God will continue to bless all of you richly,
Pastor Samuel Lagos
Villa Alemana, Chile



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