A God blessed day

Today I preached a total of five times starting at 8 am and finishing 8 pm.  God blessed tremendously.  I was able to be at both morning services at Faith Baptist and one at the new church that Miguel Murillo started, Smyrna. 

Smyrna had over 100 this morning, Faith had a total of over 300, tonight Hunter had over 200, and Lighthouse had over 250.  God is really blessing the churches here.  Thank you for your investment over the many years.

I also got very good news from Vision Baptist Church.  They had 70 for Sunday School, 86 for the AM service and then 62 tonight.  God is blessing and I thank Him for the opportunity to just be a small part of what He is doing.  I ask you to pray for me over the next two days as I spend some time with the leaders here and my family.  Lord willing, I will be back home on Wednesday.

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